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5 gold stars


I love everything!

I haven’t ordered one bad thing.

The goat milk soaps are my favorite and so are the facial bars.

Great products and wonderful customer service!

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Natural skin care for

your best friend

Dog Shampoo Bar Soap
5 gold stars


I have been using your Lavender and Rose Hand and Body Cream since last Saturday.

This is not only an incredible sensory experience, but an absolute game changer for my dry, flaky skin.


Highly recommended!

Thank you!!

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Denise A

I received the simply lavender liquid hand soap as a gift. I loved the smell immediately and placed it in my master bathroom. The soap does not dry out my hands but rather allows them to contain a nice fragrant smell and soft touch.


My master bedroom is quite large but the adjoining bathroom is small. Nonetheless every time that I wash my hands that wonderful lavender aroma fills my entire room.


It is not at all overbearing but rather, it is as if you’ve picked up a fresh batch of lavender and have it sitting out allowing its delightful fragrance to envelop the room.


I love it so much that I purchased half a gallon!

from our REVIEWS page

5 gold stars

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