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It's so true that we are constantly evolving, and for small business owners like myself, our businesses are constantly evolving too.

My latest evolution has been to start vending at different local markets and fairs. Which all started, thanks to Casa Rondena Winery inviting me to sell my wares at their gorgeous winery. Which led to an invitation to vend at The Lavender Market, and now I'm doing markets every Saturday and Sunday... and loving it.

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Screenshot of TAYORi's owner and Crafty Coaster in interview about beer soap

The whole motivating force that got me into making soap was the fact that I could choose the ingredients.

This was exciting to me and then I discovered that there was a creative side to it as well.

I  use colors and textures to create designs in the soap.

Natural doesn't have to be plain.

And that's why I have been loving making soap since 2015.

The natural extension from soap making is to get excited about other ways to use

healthy, beneficial ingredients on your skin, like lotions & creams and a whole bunch more.

I am proud to add that we are certified New Mexico True which means that

all our products are handmade in New Mexico, which also means we are certified that our products are 100% handmade in the USA as well.

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PS - the background does have meaning (to me), it depicts my summers, growing up.

Hanging out on Australian beaches every weekend,

and there were lots of what we called 'combie' vans.

In case I didn't mention it - 

I'm crazy about hummingbirds so

of course I couldn't resist sharing

this amazing little video with you.