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We're not supposed to talk about COVID, are we?

I can't see why not seeing it is such a dominating force in our lives these days.

I have to say though that I am one of the lucky ones, insofar as the self isolation thing is not

unlike my regular normal, so I'm not suffering from any social withdrawal.

We (which is really just me, myself and I) have been following all the rules pertaining to not spreading

the virus, like doing the training for all businesses in New Mexico;

diligently avoiding the news;

and generally just carrying on.

Based in the foothills of the magnificent Sandia Mountains here in New Mexico, USA, 

we are in one of the less impacted states in the US.

We have lots of wide open spaces too, so plenty of beautiful options  to get outdoors.

Symbol for New Mexico Safe Certified showing that TAYORi is trained in COVID SAFETY
New Mexico

Our 'carrying on' means getting creative with the design of TAYORi soap

as we recently did for two of our new Retailers.

GC Parlor, an upscale Barber Shop in downtown Albuquerque, had specific fragrances in mind

as well as a specific design.

We created The Raven Skull Soap Collection for them

The Raven Skull Soap Collection

For Casa Rondena, a beautiful and long established local winery in Los Ranchos, on the other hand,

we used their wines to actually make the soap ;

chose fragrances that reflected the notes in each wine

and created colors appropriate to

the types of wine.

Casa Rondena Wine Soaps

Making wine soap is similar to making beer soap,

you replace the water content with either wine or beer.

The challenge with making beer soap from craft beers is 

in designing the soap as a reflection of the beer cans, which  for craft beer, 

are an art form in themselves.

It's a challenge and for me that is fun!

Screenshot of TAYORi's owner and Crafty Coaster in interview about beer soap

The whole motivating force that got me into making soap was the fact that I could choose the ingredients.

This was exciting to me and then I discovered that there was a creative side to it as well.

I  use colors and textures to create designs in the soap. Natural doesn't have to be plain.

And that's why I have been loving making soap since 2015.

I am proud to add that we are now certified New Mexico True which means that all our products are

handmade New Mexico


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PS - the background does have meaning (to me), it depicts my summers, growing up. Hanging out on Australian beaches every weekend, and there were 'combie' vans.

In case I didn't mention it already ! 

I'm crazy about hummingbirds so

of course I couldn't resist sharing

this amazing little video with you.