Woo Hoo ... what a ride!

When you get to a certain time in your life, let’s say in your 50’s, it hits home that there is an end in sight.


‘They’ say

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other,

body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming

"WOO HOO what a ride!"


… but what if you don't drop dead with that next breath ... then what?


None of us want to endure decreptitude for the rest of our days.


No way!


You may have at least another twenty years, time for a different ride? Maybe a little slower paced?

Like being enthralled by hummingbirds 

Have you found yourself taking stock and figuring out what changes you need to make ... seeing as how you're pretty confident you will survive ‘the great ride’? 


Oh but the memories!

  • Are you making an effort to eat healthier, less often, smaller portions?

  • Are you thinking about how many adult beverages you really need? Makes you feel like one right now to ponder that question? LOL

  • Are you feeling aches and pains that arrived out of nowhere?

  • Are you more conscious of how much, or how little, exercise you are getting?

  • Are you looking at natural products as an alternative to artificial?

  • And why the hell is AARP sending you senior citizen mail all the time, you're only 50 something for goodness sake?


Another thing that changes is what is really important to us - how we spend our free time.


By now, you’ve either reached your career pinnacle, or you haven’t.

Either way, you are not consumed by work as you were over the past 20-30+ years, in fact, you’re probably longing for retirement.

It’s no longer a disgusting old peoples’ word, in fact, these days it pretty much sounds like heaven.


In the interim though, however long that will be seeing 'They' keep moving the goal posts on retirement age, you want to spend more of your time  

  • With your family (some of them anyway)

  • With your true best friends

  • With your dog(s)

  • With your grandkids (this is probably No 1)


Before you became a grandparent, who knew how wonderful it could be?

I've discovered that Nerf wars rock (and they're exhausting!)

Someone bought him two of these for Christmas. Dad!

Getting back to that realization that we want to spend more time with family... it has been a driving force for me.

In 2018 I quit my job (Bye Bye Corporate America), packed up and moved from Houston, TX to here, in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Why Albuquerque?

Because this is where my younger son and grandson live, my only family who live in the US.

I've started a whole new life, one where I see my two boys weekly and I have turned the small soap making business I had back in Houston, to my full time full on business. Hog heaven!

Why soap making?

Well ... My Mom was a herbalist. I grew up with the benefits of natural remedies and despite not being that fascinated as a kid, I obviously osmosed a lot of information when Mom was prattling away at me telling me stuff that she was doing.


When Mom was in her mid 30s, she developed skin sensitivities to whatever was in commercial bath and body products and had to change to using all natural.

The same thing happened to me in my 40s. When it first happened, the doctor thought it was shingles around my neck. We eventually figured out it was caused by my favorite perfume.


In 2015 when I discovered soap making (my sister made me do it) the fact that you could choose all natural ingredients was both fascinating and exciting to me and, ask anyone who knows me, I dove right in and experimented like crazy .. I made a lot (seriously, a lot) of soap and skincare products which is why I started selling them.

Initially, I needed the space so I could keep on creating more.

Then it took on a whole new meaning. 


Feedback from my customers.

Hearing about their experiences with my products was icing on the cake, infinitely rewarding and totally inspiring - my passion has given me a purpose. 


Beverly H

... the mask soap. I tried it while brushing my teeth and it is amazing. I had not removed my makeup when I gave it a try and I was amazed as to how clean and soft it made my skin. I excited to try more Tayori soaps and offering as gifts to clients soon.

Out of the blue I found

my passion and my mission

My mission, TAYORi's mission, is to transform the routine practice of cleaning your skin into a beautiful and healthy experience. 

When you use our handmade soaps you feel the comfort of knowing that each one is made with plant based oils that you know, as well as a variety of other natural ingredients which

moisturize and nourish your skin. 

But I can't stop there

I want you to feel a sense of luxury each time you use our soaps, so I create them as little pieces of art, beautiful to look at

and beautiful on your skin.


My philosophy is

"Never be ordinary"





It does all that for me as well plus I'm having so much fun being creative

I just noticed how long this page has become. OMG, I’ve become my mother … I’m prattling on.


I'm nearly done.


‘They’ say to post a photo of yourself, but seriously, I hate having my picture taken, even BW (before wrinkles).


However, for the sake of my business, I recently did an interview about my soaps, which is now on YouTube, and to get me out of having to have a photo taken for this About page, you can actually watch me talking on this YouTube. (Don't let the title fool you, it's not about beer)

As seen on YT.png

After all that, I would love to show you my little creations.

If you are into living with beautiful things, creating beautiful spaces in your home, learning to love the benefits of natural v. artificial and love giving unique gifts, then I'm sure we will be talking in the future.


Just click on the EXPLORE button below to see everything



click on the SEARCH BY COLOR button which makes it somewhat easier

cause I have


for you to choose from


TAYORi is a one woman show, that's me, Trish.

I make all our products in my home based studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

I live alone and my lifestyle even before the coronavirus outbreak was basically self isolation,

yes I'm a bit of a hermit. 

Since the coronavirus outbreak I have increased my self isolation.

As a former procurement person in the oil and gas industry, my mindset is geared to buying in larger quantities 

to get the best pricing. This is especially true of all my packaging, which doesn't have an expiration date.

This means that all my packaging was purchased mid 2019, well before the outbreak.

It is required by law that I sterilize every container I use for products I sell, even before Coronavirus.

I have usually done this by soaking containers in 91-99% Isopropyl Alcohol but now as this is harder to find,

I am using the industry standard of a 5% bleach solution, soaking all containers for a minimum of 20 minutes.

The largest factor in the determination of non contamination of my products is the fact that 

there is only self isolating me touching the products and packaging the products.

And being a soap maker, I am always washing my hands as well as wearing gloves, even before this crisis.

I am totally confident that I am in a coronavirus free environment.

If you are concerned about packages that are delivered to your home having coronavirus

on them ... check out my Blog for some tips on how to manage incoming packages.

And don't forget to Sign Up for our emails cause that's where we offer special deals (only to people on our email list). The form is on our Home page or you may see one of those (sometimes annoying) pop ups.


See you soon,


PS - the background does have meaning (to me), it depicts my summers, growing up. Hanging out on Australian beaches every weekend, and there were 'combies'.

In case I didn't mention it already ! 

I'm crazy about hummingbirds so

of course I couldn't resist sharing

this amazing little video with you.