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  • Trish

What constitutes a big night out for you (these days)?

I used to be a party girl. I loved going out with friends and partying the night away, and oh boy do I have tons of hilarious, never to be spoken about again, funny, wonderful fun-filled memories. How about you?

The next day though you, and your poor skin feels like a door mat at a subway station.

It tries to rally but goodness girl, look what you put it through.

Not enough sleep, too much of the wrong foods, especially the best pizza ever ... at 2am, way too many cocktails, and talk about creating crows feet, way too much laughing.

Is that why Mona Lisa never cracked a smile, she was minimizing crows feet? Poor woman, she missed out on so much.

But that was then, now it's not the wild nights out as much as it is the wild nights on your patio or mostly those nights where you just cannot capture the elusive sleep fairy!

Some days your skin just lacks something?

So how do you perk it up, revitalize it, before you cover it up (if you wear makeup)?

We believe that using mass (factory) produced cleansing products literally handicaps your skincare regime. And we worry about you if you are using those.

If the cleansing product you are using is harsh on your skin: strips your skin, adds toxic chemicals to your skin,

that sets your skin way back behind the starting line. Which means those expensive anti-aging moisturizers you use aren't able to reach their full potential.

Wouldn't the logical thing to do, be to use a natural soap which cleanses without that harshness?

But what if it did even more?

What if it delivered nutrients to your skin?

Nutrients that revitalize, in this instance, orange peel.

I hope you just opened a new tab to go check out the benefits of orange peel for your skin? Because we can't tell you (FDA says so).

As with all the soaps in our Skin Whisperer© Collection, we recommend spending a couple of minutes massaging the lather into your skin to give those nutrients time to permeate.

Massaging your face has it's own benefits too (if you don't know how to give yourself a facial massage then check out our blog which has a video to show you).

The two combined 1. Our Skin Whisperer© soap and 2. The facial massage, will make a huge difference to your face.

As an introductory offer we would like to give you a discount of 15% off this soap through to the end of August, 2019. Use this code at checkout OPR15

And if you haven't signed up already, click HERE and you will instantly get another discount code. This one is for 10% off your next order (not applicable to shipping).

It's Sunday evening as I write this, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are recharged and ready for the coming week.

Bring it on, Monday!



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