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Tonight the HARVEST Moon is out

Tonight the 2021 Harvest Moon will reach its peak illumination and will continue to look full till Wednesday morning, the day of the Fall Equinox - the official beginning of Fall.

Having been a city dweller most of my life, I have not experienced Harvest till this year.

I met a local non-profit group, FOOD IS FREE and have participated in one harvest so far (they fill up so quickly it's hard to get in).

We harvested Asian Pears (in Australia we call them Nashi Pears) and they are delicious.

This is one of the girls I video'd shaking the upper branches so we left no pear behind.

I just love their whole philosophy.

If someone has fruit trees in their backyard and there is too much fruit for them to consume, then FOOD IS FREE arranges for volunteers to come in and harvest that fruit (or veggies).

Of course people can also pick their own and bring that in to Food is Free and quite a lot of people do that as well.

They then donate that fresh picked produce to local food banks and shelters.

Such a brilliant idea.

So much food would otherwise go to waste.

Literally thousands of tons.

If you live in Albuquerque, they have also set up The Space in the Cottonwood Mall, which is a neat place to take your kids, check them out on Instagram

or their WEBSITE

Also, now that I am selling my handmade products at The Los Ranchos Art Market, which rubs shoulders with the Los Ranchos Growers Market, I get to see and try all the local fresh picked fruit and veggies and grass fed meat and local honey and other locally grown things (sweet corn is a big magnet right now) that people flock to buy.

Even driving the windy road to and from the market through the ranch farms with their fields stretching back from the road, is a whole new experience for me. I'm loving it.

THE EQUINOX - September 22nd

This changing of the seasons is exciting.

We can look forward to cooler temperatures - that is huge, a reward after a long hot summer and suddenly we yearn for the tastes and scents of long familiar cozy comfort.

Out comes everything Pumpkin, goodness Pumpkin Spice Lattes are already available at Starbucks.

And of course we're starting to think about the upcoming Holidays.

For me, it's the trigger to change out my website and my table at the Market and showcase all the Fall products that I've been making the last couple of months, everything smells so good, my whole house has smelled like Fall for a while now. Time to package it all up and get it ready to present to you.

I was just chatting with my next door neighbor and she said she can smell all the fragrances from outside.

HELLO Beautiful Fall

What's your favorite thing about Fall?

And don't forget to look outside tonight at the Harvest Moon.



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