• Trish

This Month in the World of Soap

While the pandemic and the political farce and the racial revolution wreak havoc on what used to be normal - here in the World of TAYORi Soap all is calm and smells beautiful.

A constant barrage of anything will have its effect on you and I was finding that the News was causing me to get into either a state of panic or a state of depression, I couldn't handle it so


and my world returned to its calm and beautiful smelling self.

Every couple of weeks I will pop my head up to check what's going on out there and it doesn't seem to be changing much.

Life has to go on, I'm still creating soap and other skin care products and isolating myself cause I don't want to risk ending up in hospital.

Sounds self centered but as I don't see anyone else, there is no risk of me spreading it.

Have you changed over to home delivery or kerbside pick up for your groceries?

I'm doing kerbside and even when we're all back to normal I'm going to continue with it cause it saves so much time.


I haven't written a Blog post in forever which is pretty slack of me I know, so I thought I would start up again ... slowly ... with a DEAL of the MONTH.

Here in New Mexico Hunting Season starts in September, but it's on the horizon for all other states, so this month I'm promoting our

Dirt Soap for Hunters

It smells like freshly turned earth - dirt.

Actually, if you are into gardening you'll love the scent too, it smells so comfortingly earthy.

The reason for using this scent is so that when Hunters are out in their blind or sneaking up on an animal, their scent doesn't scare off the target if the wind changes. Cause dirty human smells alert and alarm animals (and me).

For guys who don't like using moisturizer, all our soaps will help with dryness, cause our soaps don't strip all the natural oils from your skin. You will really notice the difference.

If you are a 'hunting widow' you might like to show your support by giving him a gift

- like this Hunter Soap Set

Here's the Deal of the Month, just for you who have subscribed to my website, there have to be perks, right?

Use this code at check out: Hunter0820 to get 25% off the Hunter Soap Set

- ends 31st August, 2020.

Now, because you have been so noble in buying him a gift for his exciting Hunting Season, here's a crazy price on something for you.

Our Deluxe Sampler Pack is a total of 1lb 5 ozs of deluxe sized samples around 10 different soaps in this pack. Hurry while stocks last on this one (we reserve the right to substitute alternative bars if any run out, but of course maintaining the same weight).

It's always kind of exciting to have a goodly number of things to go through when your package arrives.

At our normal prices this much soap would cost more than $45 but while stocks last we are offering this to you at $19.95, that's more than 50% off.

Makes it super easy to justify this little add on after buying him something, yes?

And that is all I have for you for August.

It's not like exciting things happen in my life these days.

Feel free to email me at Trish@tayori.shop and let me know if anything exciting is happening in your world!

Cheers till next month,