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  • Trish

The Best Thing for Your Dog

The absolute best thing for your dog is real food that will boost their health.

NOT rubbish dry or canned food that makes it easier for you but is detrimental to them. Dogs used to live longer and be healthier before we started feeding them with processed foods.

Just like for humans, their health is totally dependent on what they eat.

And that's a whole realm of research for you to do.

What we really want to talk about is The Best Thing for Your Dog when it comes to keeping them clean.

Just like for humans, using products on their skin/fur that contain toxic chemicals can cause irritations which will of course mean that they associate bath time with discomfort.

Not to mention their sense of smell being so much greater than our's means the chemicals probably have a stink we cannot even detect.

What we like the smell off just may be different from what your dog thinks smells good. Has your dog ever rolled in something disgusting and been just overjoyed about it? What does that tell you?

Once they learn that the shampoo you are using is not going to irritate or dry out their skin, they will probably relax and enjoy the experience more.

Our natural dog shampoo bars for sensitive skin are made with all natural plant based ingredients - no nasty detergents or chemicals that can cause dryness and irritation to your fur baby's skin.

In fact, it's so natural it is even safe on the skin of human babies and your own hands will also notice the difference after bathing them.

It is the perfect natural solution

  • for dry skin

  • for itchy skin

  • for sensitive skin

We've added a little Lavender Essential Oil and used either Organic Coconut Milk or Organic Oat Milk to soothe their skin.

(NOTE: Did you know that dogs are more sensitive to essential oils than we humans, therefore it is important for their health not to use essential oil products that we would use on ourselves as the amount of essential oils is higher. We adhere to the recommended usage rates of essential oils for dogs).

Your pup is going to love it and look forward to the next bath.

Be kind to your dog's skin.

Don't give them a bath more than twice a month unless you absolutely must and if you can, just towel dry them and then let them air dry.

Remember, bathing them is for our benefit not for their's, they prefer to smell unwashed.

Grab one today for your dog or for your granddog, cause the weather is warming up and bathing your dog is going to be more of a regular occurrence.

Click on the pics of the soap above to go directly to the two different types of all natural dog shampoo bars that we make.

When you've tried it, let us know what you and your dog think about it? We've been getting great feedback so far but it's always good to hear that bath time has become fun time for you and your dog.


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