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Teacher Appreciation Week

May 3 to May 7, 2021

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up fast May 3 to May 7

This is the year, like no other, that our Teachers deserve more than just our words of gratitude, more than just thank you gifts, they deserve a medal!

They learned to teach on computers in a heart beat to support their kids, our kids.

They saved parents all over the US with online classes. Structure and content and probably even more importantly they gave kids the opportunity to have contact with their friends.

Now with schools re-opening for face to face learning, it's our Teachers who are in the front line, enclosed in class rooms with a bunch of little germ carriers.

In the absence of medals, send them a thank you gift or gifts. We all know that Teachers are ridiculously underpaid, so our gifts of appreciation shouldn't really be limited to one week in each year. But I guess, it's better than nothing right?

Teachers must be desperately washing their hands throughout their school day, as a role model to the kids but also for their own sake.

We think a perfect gift would be one of our moisturizing soaps or our moisturizing Pure Castile Liquid Soap.

You just know the soaps that the education department provides are going to be cheap and detergent filled.

We'd like to do our bit too, so here's a coupon code for 30% off


so you can buy your Teacher a little something extra special. Just use it at check out and it will apply to your whole order.

It's only good for this weekend, ends at midnight on Sunday.

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