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Self Care - Timesaver #3 for Career Women

I'm all about helping you find ways to use your personal time more efficiently so you gain the most from it, especially in the realm of self care, and as a result your wellbeing improves.

Today I stumbled across a video which was rather mind blowing.

While it's not the usual combining of tasks to maximize your personal time, this one is even more powerful.

It puts forward strong, medically proven reasons why stress can actually work for you, not against you.

I think this is so important for you to see/hear.

Please grab a beverage of your choice, get comfy and watch this video, it's easy listening and I believe it will make a huge difference to how you cope with your all too often, stressful days.

Yes you could listen to it in the car but you won't focus and this is worth a few quality minutes of your time. Oh and put your feet up as well, that's a signal to your brain that you are stopping for a moment and allows some relaxation to occur.

When I feel stress, I acknowledge it and do some deep breathing to slow myself down, not to mention some self talk.

Now, I think I will use my self talk to thank the stress for making me super woman?

So what do you think? Would love to hear your comments below.

Shatters everything we have been taught to believe regarding stress.

Now we have to work on changing that mindset.



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