Our BIGGEST SALE of the year is happening NOW

It officially starts at 8pm tonight but if you are on our mailing list then we are giving you a heads up that you can start saving money right now.

Ostensibly for Black Friday and through to Cyber Monday, we decided that with Thanksgiving preparations and the enjoyment of family and friends and then the resulting exhausted and possibly comatose state we manage to get ourselves into, it might be easier for you to get ahead of the game.

Black Friday is perfectly positioned to allow time for delivery, which you need to allow extra time for with the manic shopping (and then shipping) that goes on around this time of the year.

Thank goodness for INTERNET SHOPPING so that we don't have to spend so much time fighting the Christmas crowds and getting totally frustrated - especially when you have to park your car miles away.

I once lived in The Woodlands just north of Houston, TX. The parking lots were massive around the mall and my first Christmas there I discovered why - at that time of year they went from the 10% normally used to overflowing - we still had to park miles away.

And let's not talk about North Park Mall in Dallas. No grassy knoll was safe, cars were up over the curb and parking on the grass, it was desperate measures.

Back to our 40% off sale.

We have over 90 uniquely designed and handmade soaps with 40% off already applied - no coupons required.

These make wonderful

- individual gifts

- stocking stuffers

- gifts under $10

- additions to personal gift sets you are creating

- or for your own personal use

Our sale ends at midnight on Cyber Monday, so get in quickly before we run out.


As well as the discounted products we also have other quality handmade skincare and designer soaps, just click on SHOP in the menu on our page and you will see everything, including what is on sale, with prices already marked down


hover over SHOP and we've organized into categories to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Wherever you shop, 'Happy Shopping' and even more, we wish you and your family