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OMG The Kids Are Gone! Woohoo

Who knew that life could be so much fun now that the kids have left home?

All of a sudden you don't have to think about their needs (well not all the time), you get to do whatever you want, when you want!

Unlike before you had kids, you now actually have the money to do all the fun things you didn't have time for BK (Before Kids).

Long lunches with friends on weekends or hanging out with friends all weekend. Whatever you're in the mood for: getaways, vacations, reading a good book in your new hammock in your backyard.

The only downside about this time of our lives is that our faces are showing all those great and not so great experiences we've lived through over the past [insert number] of years.

All you can do is the best you can do.

For some, that might mean a face lift, but even then you still have to take care of your skin from that point on, probably more so than those that didn't want to 'invest' $20+K on their face.

But we don't mess around anymore, we go for the expensive products, because we believe they will make more of a difference.

I used to jokingly (but really) call my moisturizer my 'never give up' cream.

After a while though, having spent so many hours over the years, mornings and nights, on our beauty preservation routines, it doesn't seem as important versus how much time it takes.

Who wants to use up time dealing with applying all those different products when you could be doing fun stuff?

Whatever that may be for you.

That is why we have developed our Skin Whisperer© Collection of handmade natural soaps. Not everyone has the same skin types or skin issues so we have created a range of soaps to speak to different skin types so there is one that works for your unique skin or issue.

This week we are featuring our Honey & Turmeric Bar Soap.

We're not allowed to make claims (FDA said so) but those ingredients have incredible benefits for your skin, you will just have to do the research yourself (sorry) if you have not already.

Usually we use essential oils to fragrance our soaps but so many of our customers want known fragrances. In this bar soap we have used a classic comfort fragrance called Oatmeal Milk & Honey, which smells yummy, is deliciously comforting - you just can't get enough of it.

If you don't have perfect skin and you want to bring the glow back, try using this soap and massage it into your face. Check out this Blog post for how to give yourself a beneficial face massage.

A good quality cleansing product is the foundation of your skincare regime, and why not do it naturally, because everything you apply to your skin, goes into your system.

Stop and think about that!

While you are using our products you can enjoy that feeling of peace that you are using safe products, not just safe for you but also so much better for the environment.

The real winner is that with our skincare soaps, you are not only cleaning your face, you are delivering nourishment that your skin needs and you are able to do it quickly and easily. That is what we are in full support of - giving you more time to go do whatever is fun for you.

As an introductory offer here is a Discount Code for 15% off this product HT15, just apply it at checkout. It's valid through August 31, 2019. And yes of course you can share it with your friends and family.

So what's your next fun thing to do?



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