Self Care - Timesaver #2 for Career Women

As promised here is another time saving tip for you to get the most out of the small amounts of time you carve out to take care of yourself - self care is important to your wellbeing, so don't go without it.

I'm assuming that your preference is for showering most days, simply because it takes less time?

Here is another opportunity to add an extra benefit to a task you are going to perform anyway.


When you are in the shower, use a soap which has ingredients similar to a face mask (I just happen to have one - click HERE) and instead of rushing through a quick rub over your face, allow yourself an extra few minutes to give your face a proper and beneficial massage, all while the water is running down your back.

By doing this you have effectively

1) cleansed your face

2) gained the benefits of a face mask

3) gained the benefits of a face massage and

4) helped to remove stress and put you in a more relaxed state


If you don't know how to massage your face correctly so that you gain maximum benefits, click on the YouTube pic below.

NOTE: Soap will never replace a moisturizer, but the right soap, one that doesn't strip your natural oils, will ensure that your moisturizer adds more to your skin than just restoring it to how it was before you washed.


Instead of using your soap, you could perform the massage after you have cleansed your face using your moisturizer. Personally, I think doing this in the shower is more of a self care act because water running over you is relaxing in and of itself, especially if you take a few more minutes to let it be so. By performing this massage in the shower you are gaining exponential benefits.

Consider including this in your evening regimen to remove makeup and prepare you for a good night's sleep.

Would love to hear if you tried this and what you think, leave a comment below?



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