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Let's talk about your father?

and figure out some Fathers Day gift suggestions.

To start with: What type is your Dad?

Choosing a gift for your Dad on Father's Day is always a challenge but figuring out what 'type' he is, narrows the field and makes gift selection a whole lot easier.

Is he a power executive in a large corporation?

Then he probably holds meetings at his favorite cigar bar, and if he's from the South, he's probably into sipping bourbon or whiskey, but only the top shelf stuff.

Some gift suggestions would be a good bottle of Bourbon or Whiskey, Cuban cigars, new ties. If your budget doesn't stretch to some of these things, or if you want to add an extra something, we have a little luxury that goes perfectly with his 'type'.

We have a limited edition bar soap that is called "The Bourbon Bar" click on the link to go check it out and you can order it from our online store.

The design is all about muted masculine colors with a modicum of complexity.

The fragrance is Bourbon Vanilla: A rich, warm blend of madagascar vanilla, cedarwood, musk and lemon. And its wonderful for his skin.

You see, artisan soaps are little luxuries, not inexpensive for soap, however still a luxury gift, but one that fits into every daughter's budget.

Or is your Dad the quintessential old school southern gentleman?

Who likes to escape the womenfolk now and then and go hang out with the boys and guns. Hunting is his other love, you of course being his first.

Gift suggestions for hunters: a new gun, ammunition, hunting hats, thermal socks (gets cold sitting in one of those boxes), or a gourmet camping cook book. I've heard from a number of hunters that food is especially important and they go epicurean out there in the woods.

You may not have thought of an artisan soap, which he would love to take out to the camp next time, if he doesn't use it all up first.

What depicts the whole hunting experience more than camo?

So we made a soap with a classic camo design and called it ... "Classic Camo". Click on the link to order it from our online store.

This bar of soap has a hidden weapon. Agave Nectar Odor Neutralizing fragrance: A complex yet clean combination of blue agave, dune grass, beach driftwood, fuji apple, kaffir lime, dewy cyclamen and amber sands. It really kills odors.

He's going to want more of these!

Then there's the Bad Boy Dad.

The goatee seems to be a symbol of that 'bad boy' image, don't you think?

If your Dad is (or was) the bad boy type then gee, what can you get him for Fathers Day?

A bible?

Or anything Harley Davidson. I mean bikes and the bad boy image just go hand in glove. Hit that Harley store, they have a ton of things you can buy in their gift store and its fun to go there even if you don't buy him a new bike or a key ring holder.

If you have a limited budget, cause everything in a Harley store is expensive! consider our artisan soaps.

In keeping with the bad boy theme we designed a soap to look similar to Harley flames, we called it "On Fire". Click on the link to check it out or order it from our online store.

The fragrance is to die for: Bergamot and warm, creamy sandalwood with rich musk.

Or the Art Lovin' Dad, who has that edgy style

Probably one of the more difficult men to find gifts for cause he likes unique things with that bit of an edge.

What to buy for him?

Tickets to a modern art show at your nearest major art gallery? Tickets to a trendy dive bar style music event? a Jerry Garcia tie, or two?

Or, what about "Sky Stone", our limited edition artisan soap that has gorgeous contrasting turquoise (representing the stone) and brown (representing the earth). Click on the link to check it out and order it from our online store.

It has a seductive fragrance: The labdanum and tonka absolute at the heart of this fragrance mellow the patchouli, and the grapefruit oil brightens it considerably. Patchouli is the earth component and grapefruit is the sky component. Labdanum and tonka absolute lie at the horizon where earth and sky meet.

This scent is a divine masterpiece!

Maybe your Dad (or Grandpa) love fishing?

This Dad enjoys the outdoors, especially being on the water, and obviously long periods of being quiet and reflecting on ... who knows what. It's his relaxation time, that's all that matters. Until he feels that tug on the end of his line and the adrenalin rush starts. Not knowing if this is going to be the record breaking big one.

There are a bunch of things you can buy as a gift for this type of Dad: A ridiculous amount of frozen bait (or a credit at the bait store), a set of lures, state of the art fish finder or of course fishing caps or hats. Seriously, there are a lot of things that aren't that expensive. But he probably already has all of them.

Whether it's while he is fishing or when he gets back on land, beer is going to figure in there somewhere, I mean, its just an automatic association with fishing, isn't it?

Consider our limited edition "Adobe Igloo Beer" artisan soap as a gift for after he has been fishing. He can blame the scent on him on the beer soap, which it may or may not be?

To me it smells like a freshly poured beer but the perfumist describes it as: Notes of malt liquor and hops with fruity hints of strawberry, pineapple, apple, and raspberry.

I lurv this fragrance and I don't drink beer.


Well, I've really enjoyed this pairing of our artisan soaps with some of the different types of Dads out there. If you go to our HOME page we have a couple more 'pairings'. Thought this post was getting a bit long!

Hope you enjoyed reading through our suggestions and found some inspiration for a terrific gift for your Dad or Grandpa or any other man in your circle.

Fathers Day is June 16 this year. Not far away.



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