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It's June already - and we're super busy

Here in the US, Summer doesn't officially start until the Summer Solstice on June 21, but in Australia it starts on the 1st of June.

We've put together a selection of products that are Summer themed, in case you want to add a pop of seasonal Summer to your bathroom or change the fragrances you use to something that evokes memories of wonderful past summers.

Just click on the pineapple above to go to that section of our online store.

The reason we kicked off Summer early this year is because New Mexico True released their Summer Gift Guide

Click on the picture below to go to their site and when you get there just scroll down a couple of rows to find us.

Being New Mexico True Certified also means, by default, that our products are certified made in the USA.

or click on the picture below to go directly to the Summer section in our online store

June is also PRIDE MONTH and this year my friend Jimmy, from @Bee.NiceBeauty, and I joined creative forces in a Celebrating Pride collaboration.

I'm sure many (most?) of you, like me, have at least one friend from the LGBT (now LGBTQIA) community.

They need us to step up and show our support.

On the 1st of June we released our Celebrating PRIDE Gift Set.

It consists of 4 products

Jimmy made the Orange Peachy Glycerin Soap and the Betty Cherry Bath Bomb.

I made the Leather Bar Soap and Snap Out of It Lip Balm (choose Strawberry or Pineapple).

You can learn more about this Gift Set in our online store, just click on the pic above and you will be whisked over to the PRIDE section where we have all our Pride products.

We also added an option for our Queen of the Desert Soap (made with Prickly Pear Seed Oil) now Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Soap, with a pink cactus on the face of the soap, just for PRIDE month.


We have a whole section with MASCULINE products for you to choose the perfect one for your Father or Father figure.

They need to take care of their skin too, although a lot of them don't think they do. We need to enlighten them!

Click on the picture below to go to the Masculine section in our online store.


Here in New Mexico Lavender is huge, almost as big as Hot Air Balloons and Chile.

It begins in the latter part of June when the Lavender begins to bloom.

We will be at two Lavender events in June (even more in July).

As you can imagine, we are making lavender products like crazy so we have enough for all these events, plus for you to buy online. I have bought so much Lavender Essential Oil!!!

We'll be at this event for both Saturday & Sunday


you can get interactive with Lavender at this U-pick it event at Jo's Lavender Farm

We'll be there on the Sunday

and last but not least:


Ever since there was the option to request notification when a product came back into stock, we have received so many requests for this particular soap, Happy as a Pig in Mud.

And now they are back in stock.

Apart from all of the above, if you live in Albuquerque, just click on our our Market Schedule to see which markets we will be at this weekend, in case you want to visit with us.

I'm going to try to get a Newsletter out once a month (like this one), cause I know I've been slack about emailing in the past.

Just so many things on my To Do List.

Have an absolutely wonderful June!



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