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Is your beauty regime making you late for work?

Especially during the week when you have to squeeze it into that small window between waking up and dashing out the door.

As much as we would like to spend hours doing all the things we should to enhance our natural beauty every day, who has the time?

There's a 15% off discount code down near the end of this post, and how to get free shipping don't miss it.

What if you could combine a couple of steps into one action?

In our new Skin Whisperer© Collection we've designed each bar to speak to your skin.

Of course that basic cleansing function is very much still present and because each bar is made with plant based oils and its own individual natural additives, they not only cleanse your skin but they also nourish your skin, each in its own way.


Over the next couple of weeks we will be featuring and releasing each of the bar soaps in our Skin Whisperer© Collection. With each of these features we will be offering a discount code for 15% off the regular price of each product. So stay tuned and if you haven't already, SIGN UP so you don't miss out on those discounts.

This is the first product in our Skin Whisperer© Collection, the Luxury Face Mask Bar, 100% natural and Vegan.

What is incredible about the Luxury Face Mask Bar is that it effectively replaces other products

1. Replaces your makeup remover

2. Replaces your facial cleanser

3. Replaces your face mask product

and because it is such a fantastic shaving soap, if you do shave, then it also

4. Replaces your shaving product (the men in your life are going to love this)

That equals saving $$$$ but think about how much time you will save as well because you can now combine those 3 steps into one action!

What do you think of this photo? I am playing with how I photograph my products rather than just having them on a white background. The sculpture thingie that the soap is nestled in, is actually made with soap too!

I'm loving this shot because it's so different, but am I delusional?

Leave a comment below letting me know which of these two product photos you like best?

This Luxury Face Mask Bar soap is available now in our online store and here's a discount code you can use for 15% off this product through the end of this month (July 2019) and you can share it with your friends and family as well: LFMB15 Free shipping over $75 too.

AND THERE'S MORE (LOL) ... if you sign up HERE you will INSTANTLY get a discount code for 10% off your whole order as well as automatically receiving emails going forward, with new product updates including each new product in our Skin Whisperer© Collection as it's released. You can't use both discount codes at once, but you can save one for your next order.

So why is it that bar soaps made with natural ingredients are better for your skin?

First, let's get on the same page about what 'natural' means. There is actually no regulation on the definition of natural in the bath and body product world. In my opinion, natural ingredients mean they come from nature, with no synthetics added.

With regard to soap, probably the two most detrimental things that mass producers of soap do in terms of effects on your skin are:

1. Extract the glycerin that is naturally created during the saponification process

2. Add detergents to create more bubbles/lather

Why do they extract the glycerin?

Because it can then be sold as an additional product.

Why do they add detergents?

I honestly don't know. The only reason I can think of is that with the inclusion of all the other synthetic additives they use they must kill the natural lather.

For example, they add synthetic ingredients to:

- make the bar harder [we use salt to do the same]

- prevent the bar from dissolving if left in a puddle [we ask you to let it dry out between uses and never leave it in a puddle!]

- they add preservatives [we use fresh ingredients which gives our soaps a shelf life of at least one year]


Quality of lather is one of the tests I do on all TAYORi artisan soaps before putting them in my online store for sale because bubbles/lather are synonymous with cleaning for the majority of us, me included. And the crazy part is that the bubble factor is so easily attained with natural ingredients.

Unlike most mass produced soap, our soaps do NOT strip your skin of its natural oils. In fact you will really notice how our soaps leave your skin feeling clean and hydrated.

Don't forget to let me know in the comments, which of the two photos of the Luxury Face Mask Bar soap you like best?!

If you want to follow us on Facebook or Instagram both those words are clickable or you can just search for @tayorinm

We will be posting clues about what the next Skin Whisperer© product will include on our social media.



In case you are new to our brand TAYORi, we make all our products in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains (at altitude 6,500 feet) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

Yes, everything we make is made in the USA.

If you visit our online store we also let the creativity flow and make limited edition soaps which make perfect gifts for yourself and/or for your favorite people.

They are what you would call little luxury gifts for women and men. Yes we do have quite a few soaps designed for men. I heard somewhere, I think it was a commercial, that men have skin too !

If you order over $75 at our online store you get free shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. So think about who you want to give a gift to in the next month and get that free shipping.

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