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Are you freaking out cause you can’t visit Mom right now with all this social isolation and distancing dumped on us by Coronavirus?

Struggling to find a gift for your Mom that has everything ? so you can cheer her up?

Right now you just want to gather her up and bring her home with you so you can take care of them? We can't, we know that, we have to force ourselves to stay away.

It hurts and they may feel alone and lonely.

The Mom of a friend of mine has emphysema, she is over 70 and has oxygen tanks with her all the time, so while she is still mobile she certainly isn't in the best of health.

She’s used to visiting with her friends and playing cards and my friend has finally managed to get her to stop the visiting and now that loneliness most seniors dread, is setting in. Actually it was the State mandate to stay at home that stopped her and her friends leaving their homes. (They can get a bit stubborn in their later years)

What can we do to make them feel better?

Phone calls and video calls at least once a day are important and allowing time for long calls, not just a check in. Between your siblings and children you can all take turns to call?

Deliver groceries to her – either via online purchases or dropping them off yourself.

Make sure she has what she needs and then

Sprinkle her weeks with little surprises - light up her day

My elderly neighbor brought me a bunch of daffodils from his garden the other day. They were so bright and yellow and happy. I was beaming at him, a beautiful gesture with all this doom and gloom.

My point here is that flowers would be a lovely surprise.

Every time she looks at them she will smile knowing that you are thinking about her.

Another gift idea for Mom is a hand care package.

As we get older, we realize we can no longer be a hand model ! Ha not that I ever was.

All this washing our hands we are doing is taking its toll, drying them out and making them look older than ever.

What about a personal hand care package

for your Mom?

We’ve put together a pack of two natural bar soaps (4.5 ozs each and a jar of hand cream (9 ozs) that we can ship directly to your Mom, with a personalized message.

Our soaps are much gentler than what you get in the stores because we don’t add harsh man-made chemicals that dry out your skin.

The hand lotion is also as natural as it can be with a blend of therapeutic grade essential oils for scent and with their own individual properties.

Every time your Mom washes her hands with her new soap and feels the difference, what do you think she will be feeling?

Loved and cherished

Those visual and experiential reminders that you are there and missing her and worried about her are even more meaningful at this crazy time.

Something else to consider is that Mothers Day is coming up soon and probably will happen while we are all still isolating at home.

2 day deliveries are not happening these days, it’s already blowing out to weeks on Amazon and that's if it's a product they deem essential.

For l'il ole us though, we ship next day and USPS are so far not reporting any service disruptions.

It's a good time to start planning for Mother’s Day (10th May, 2020) - think about what you want to get your Mom and check those delivery times.

In the meantime

- be smart and very careful

- be kind

- make the most of this slow down in our lives – the majority of us are finding that we now have more TIME – who would ever have thought there was a way for that to happen?

- don’t overdose on the news, it's just too depressing and the media likes to upset you, it’s called getting an emotional connection.

- we are all in this together, sharing this experience. Despite our social distancing we are becoming more connected, strange that.

If you are having trouble yourself with coping with isolation, here are tips to help

Take care, be safe


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