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For Men Who Hate Using Lotion

Is there a man in your family, or your circle of friends, who just can't stand the feeling of lotion on his skin?

Both my adult sons are like that, they cannot stand the feeling of lotion on their skin. Unlike we women who know we have to apply it no matter what!

There is a SOLUTION

I developed a shaving soap for men, cause not many of them are going to be excited about a facial bar. However, this soap is not just for shaving, it's for all over. We've just released it today as part of our Skin Whisperer Collection.

The other thing about most men, their personal care routine is usually minimal and fast. If they try this soap for shaving they will notice how nourished their skin feels. That's when you can suggest they use it all over, which also makes it extremely convenient for them if they happen to shave while they're in the shower.

I stopped in at a Harley Davidson store recently and a biker guy started a conversation with me. Of course the subject of soap came up when he asked me what I did. Well, there he was in his hard core biker looking style telling me how his skin dries out, especially in winter (New Mexico high altitude is killer).

The fact is, guys do notice when their skin is dry and they don't particularly like it but if they have that aversion to lotion, then what can they do?

Neither of you want him to end up with skin like an elephant!?!?!?

Elephant laughing

The fragrance in this soap is a duplicate of Irish Spring so it should appeal to most men. It's clean and fresh and you're going to appreciate that too. It smells like a unisex fragrance to me, to be honest. So if he leaves it in the shower ... and it is a shaving soap ... and you happen to need to shave your legs ... just saying?

But do not ever use his razor!

If you would like to try this soap then we are offering you a discount of 15% off this product through to the end of July (2019), here is the discount code: FCSS15

and you're welcome to share this code as well. We really believe that your lotion loathing man will love this soap.

And if you sign up on our Home page you will get an instant 10% off discount code, not after you have placed your order, it's applicable as soon as you get it for your first order only.

Once your'e signed up you will get emails about our latest product releases, like this one and any other updates we issue. Never more than once a week, cause we don't want to be one of those businesses that drives you nuts with too many emails.

Let us know if you try this soap if your man finds his no lotion problem solved.



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