• Trish

Evenings On The Patio = War

As soon as the temperatures warm up after the cold of winter has kept you contained indoors, we all burst out and try to spend as much time as possible (heat allowing) out in the wide open fresh air.

This is when evenings outdoors are so appealing, the temps are cooler than during sunlight hours. The only thing is that insects feel the same way, especially mosquitoes.

When I lived in Houston, TX I declared war on mosquitoes.

I tried everything.

I made citronella candles, citronella lotion.

I planted lemongrass in pots around the perimeter of my patio.

I bought an electric mosquito zapper and placed it away from the patio to draw them away.

It didn't seem to make much difference, the mosquitoes were just always there in alarming numbers.

I developed an obsession with getting rid of them because they ruined that relaxing time I loved so much sitting out the back contemplating the meaning of life in my little backyard sanctuary.

In the end, I was forced to go the chemical spray route because it was the only thing that worked. Well, when I say worked, it helped a lot but it didn't even seem to last the month before the next spraying, so the war continued.

The thing with insect repellents that you put on your skin, is that they probably contain toxic chemicals which stay on your skin and leach into your body.

I didn't like that idea at all. With my lotion being all natural it was so much more appealing ... BUT with high heat, applying lotion traps the sweat and makes you feel slimy. Ewww it's an awful feeling.

Now I'm in Albuquerque, NM and I thought I had escaped humidity and mosquitoes, especially having a xeriscape (high desert) garden. ALAS there are mosquitoes here too, not in army numbers like Houston but enough to be suddenly on high alert in case one bites you.

That is why I created this soap. I didn't want that slimy feeling of lotion so to get that scent on your skin, the only other way is to use soap.

Before going outdoors in the evening, to relax after a hard day of soap making (tough life?) I take a shower using this soap. An evening shower relaxes you and then that quiet time out the back sipping on a something, hopefully enjoying a gentle breeze is just the best thing. Or, you can also just wash the exposed parts of your body with this soap before heading out.

The Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil lingers on your skin and it's a scent that mosquitoes simply don't like so they stay away.

Here's my weird side coming out: I love watching the mozzies (as we call them in Australia) go to land on my arm and then almost bounce off when they get a whiff of the Lemon Eucalyptus. Huge grin on my face with a feeling of victory.

This is an all natural Vegan soap and even though it contains more Lavender Essential Oil than Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil, the Lemon Eucalyptus is the dominant scent.

Personally, I do not like the smell of Citronella which is why I chose to use Lemon Eucalyptus instead. It does resemble Citronella, however it has a strong lemon note to it.


This product is SMART skin care . Each product in our Skin Whisperer© Collection is designed to provide more than one functional purpose:

1. That means it saves you time because you don't have to use as many products

2. Which means you are saving money not having to buy those additional products

3. They are all wonderful for your skin.

Evenings On The Patio Bar Soap is made with a generous amount of Jojoba Oil and Ashwagandha Tea. While it's repelling those pesky, rotten mosquitoes it's also taking care of your skin.

You should not need a moisturizer immediately after you use this soap prior to going outside because your skin won't feel dry. You can head straight outside to relax.

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