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Do you love to create beautiful spaces?

Whether it's inside your home or out in the garden?

This is one gorgeous garden

Back when I lived in Houston, TX I had the opportunity to design my garden from scratch.

When I first moved in, all it had was eight really big trees and a lot of very well established grass. It was incredibly green. As, surprisingly, is most of Houston, given that people say it is a concrete jungle. From my experience it is actually pure jungle which I guess is logical given the "junglesque" humidity that prevails.

That blank canvas allowed me to create a gorgeous garden. I would only allow flowering plants that had white or purple flowers with an odd orange bloom for a pop of contrast.

I spent hours in the sweltering heat, getting things dug and planted or maintained. I loved it. Then the ultimate reward at the end of the day, a cocktail on the patio to survey and feel good about what my hard labor had achieved.

I guess I would have to say that was my gardening phase.

One thing I learned though was that even though I wore gloves, the dirt would still somehow get all over my hands so it required a good deal of scrubbing when I got back inside before I could do another thing - like pour that cocktail.

I miss gardening.

Here in Albuquerque at 6000+ feet altitude, I think it is called high desert, we have a Xeriscape garden.

I still have to weed, cause the darn weeds grow up through the gravel which is what I have instead of grass. Confession: I'm not very incentivized about doing that. What is it about weeds, they grow where no other plant dares to grow.

The same thing happens though, gloves are on but hands still get dirty.

Here is the answer to removing that dirt you get from gardening, or it can also apply to mechanics, or anyone working with their hands where the dirt has become ingrained into your skin.

It is another soap in our Skin Whisperer© Collection, delivering not only extra moisture but also gentle, effective exfoliation. The fragrance is Eucalyptus and Spearmint, wonderfully clean and refreshing.

The exfoliation comes from ground organic spearmint leaves and ground organic oatmeal. Those dark little specks are the spearmint leaves all ground up into almost powder and the lighter specks are the oatmeal.

Having spoken of my Xeriscape garden I thought a couple of pics from my backyard might be appropriate and I wanted to show off my rattlesnake.

I bought the Talavera pottery rattlesnake as my celebration gift to myself when I bought this house just over a year ago. Here's where I found it: Osuna Nursery in Albuquerque.

Back to the soap for a second. You might buy this for your own hands after gardening, but if your husband/boyfriend (whatever that man is in your life) gets his dirty hands on it, he may steal it from you. Apart from getting that dirt off, he's really going to notice that his hands don't feel totally dried out.

You will be able to sniff him down and get that bar of soap back, cause he will smell so good, well his hands will, can't say about the rest of him!

In my xeriscape garden at 6000+ feet in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

The Prickly Pear cactus is not my favorite green thing although for a short period at the end of spring it did show its finer self. The lush greenery in the background is a massive Wisteria that is in the garden of the house behind us but is hanging over our fence. It is spectacular. Behind that they have a Jacaranda tree which is very visible from our backyard. Two of my favorite flowering plants/trees, they're purple!

Prickly Pear cactus about to burst into bloom

Goodness gracious, I almost forgot to give you the 15% discount code of the Green Spaces Bar Soap. Here it is: GS15 and of course you can share it with all your gardener or mechanic friends. It's valid through to the end of August, 2019 so don't leave it too long to order.

We are drawing towards the end of Summer, I know this because I have already started making Fall scented soap!

Enjoy those days of warmth, they are numbered.



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