Christmas Shopping Made Easy

It's that time of year when the stores are decorated for Christmas and soon Christmas carols will be playing everywhere.

Shop window with a display of Christmas trees and wrapped gifts
Stores are decorated for Christmas

Back at home, we are starting to think about decorating - Do we want a real Christmas tree this year?

Fresh Christmas trees cut and stacked, ready for the Christmas rush
Real Christmas tree or not?

What dishes are we going to cook for family when they come over, or take to family if they are hosting Christmas this year? How to decorate the table?

A table dressed with Christmas decor and a Christmas tree in the background
A lot goes into creating that Christmas feel for your family

And then there is the Christmas gift list!

Your credit cards are quivering with excitement - melt me, melt me!

Little boy standing in front of Santa Claus, looking into each other's eyes. Little boy looks a little unsure
Naughty or nice

Christmas is supposed to be about giving, and really should be about giving the gift of ourselves being present. But we have been trained that we have to give gifts as well and it's hard to break out of that conditioning.

Which brings us to the season of giving gifts.

Being in the product creating business, this is our big time of the year.

With minimizing your stress in mind, we have put together a selection of gift sets to make knocking out that Christmas gift list so much easier.

Everyone has a favorite color, so we've mostly created our gift sets based on colors, which will help make the gift more personal.

Not sure what their favorite color is?

The colors in their bathroom are usually a crystal clear clue on a color they will love and most soap will go in the bathroom anyway.

A modern monochromatic kitchen with a miniature lemon tree full of lemons and two bars of matching yellow soap