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Amazon my orders is something we are all probably searching because that 2 day delivery on 'non essential' items just ain't happening - the giant is buckling under the incredible increase of orders.

Online ordering is so much safer than going into stores these days, if they are even open. Proof is in that increase of online ordering that Amazon is experiencing.

This is a time where small businesses are drowning in despair and need your support.

Most small businesses have online stores and if they don't they certainly have phone numbers - in today's world we can deliver in the same time that Amazon can.


Consider supporting a small business especially a local small business for those items you might typically order from Amazon. Small businesses are shutting down in your area to protect YOU

You should be finding that you have more time on your hands?

So internet shopping is something you can do rather than the quick one stop shopping we choose with Amazon. Especially if you want that faster delivery.

Plus you will get that warm fuzzy feeling that you are helping individuals/families and might I add, individuals and families in the United States, in your community.


The two things we can do to contribute to 'flattening the curve' are to clean, both our hands and surfaces, and social distancing to the point of self isolating.

It is a measure of your character when it comes to social distancing.

We all need to assume we are already infected and adjust our behavior to prevent transmitting.

When it comes to cleaning the most effective way is to use soap

Link to National Geographic:

" Soap works so effectively because its chemistry pries open the coronavirus’ exterior envelope and causes it to degrade."

That's a really good article to read because it mentions a whole lot more that is valuable knowledge for you.

As a soap maker I know there are tons of other soap makers in the US, the problem is for most of us that we are not very good at marketing so you may not have heard of us before.

So ... back on topic

When you are searching Amazon my orders wondering when you will actually get that delivery, try a small business instead.

Also, check out my other blog post about planning to receive packages in this coronavirus world we must face.

Stay safe and stay sane



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