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  • Trish

Aleppo Style

I've been waiting so long I forgot that my Aleppo Style soap is ready! Its supposed to cure for at least nine months but as I forgot its now been eleven months and it just keeps getting better with age.

Bars of Aleppo style soap, wrapped and unwrapped

What makes this Bastille soap (a predominantly olive oil soap) so unique is the Laurel Berry Oil.

This soap is unscented, insofar as I did not add a fragrance or essential oil to it, the scent is purely from the Laurel Berry Oil and I love the smell of it. To me it has a natural smokey aroma. Blending it with the olive oil and through the long curing time that scent is now delightfully subtle.

Aleppo is a place in Syria where true Aleppo soap originates. Click on the photo below of Aleppo Soap curing in huge slabs on the floor of an ancient building to read more about it.

It's truly amazing how they make it. And wow, there's is really green.

Aleppo soap curing on the floor of an ancient building in Aleppo, Syria

I've already used up one bar and I am definitely going to be making this regularly cause I just love it on my skin. I do have another batch curing, although this time I made a bunch of samples too so not many full bars. But aren't the little samples so cute?

If you would like to buy some, just click on the photo below.

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