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A different city in Africa

Its quite a trek to get to Bata in Equatorial Guinea. Nine hour flight from Houston to Paris; six hour flight to Douala, Cameroon; one hour parked while people get off/on and the plane is refueled; one hour flight to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea and then uh oh, nobody was there to meet me and both my phones didn't work and I'm standing outside, reminding myself not to panic... yet! Thank goodness it was a beautiful tropical night with no rain.

The thing I've learned about traveling is that one should not choose the panic button as your first or even second option. Things will happen, in their own good time, especially in Africa, you just have to be patient.

It took about an hour for the guy to turn up and then I was virtually hand held through the rest of the trip: forty minute flight to Bata, then another thirty minutes driving to this gorgeous apartment building (pic below), right on the Paseo Maritimo de Bata.

Picture of apartment building

There is an architect's model of the building in the foyer, I love how detailed they get with these things.

Architects model of the apartment complex

This is my home for the duration of this trip. On the ground floor, on the left, is a fantastic restaurant with a huge terrace out the front and on the right is a very nice bar, also with a huge terrace out the front and another outdoor area at the end of the building plus there is also a roof top grilling area.

View from the restaurant

My apartment this time is not as over the top as the one in Senegal but I prefer this one. It's a spacious one bedroom corner apartment in a style you would find in the US and it has 270 degree, fabulous ocean views. Not too shabby at all.

I've uploaded a couple of videos of the view on my Instagram, or just click on PICS up the top and it will take you there.

As I haven't 'left the building' yet I don't have anything else to share, hopefully I will get an exploring opportunity next weekend.



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