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Leaving on a jet plane (again)

Picture of an Air France plane

Guess who is leaving on a jet plane again today? Yep, me! Stay tuned to find out where this time. I will be posting a blog when I get there and get situated.

I love flying Air France, the food is so good and even though I always tell myself I'm not going to eat everything they put in front of me, I lose all will power when they do. Fat and happy me!

The good news is that I am a lot more organized this time and have a wonderful friend, Annetia, who is going to keep an eye on my store so that I don't have to close it while I'm galavanting around the world.

If you're not subscribed already to receive notifications of blog updates and sale events (I will have another serious sale when I get back) then please do subscribe when the pop up ... pops up! It won't let me link to it in this blog.

Later me hearties!


#adventure #internationaltravel #airfrance

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