Its All About That Dust In The Wind

We're not in Kansas, and there sure is a lot of dust in the wind!

Remember that song: Dust In The Wind?

I had to go find a youtube of it. Here's Kansas in 2006 in Chile singing that song as well as they ever did.

Back to the Dust

Every single day you have to clean every single surface, even inside your house, just to remove the red dust that permeates and settles everywhere.

I have learned not to walk around the apartment without something on my feet even though the maids do clean the floors every day. I have sacrificed one pair of socks as my 'house socks' and they are now stained red on the soles even though they too get washed every day.

The red dust is blown in by the winds, especially the Harmattan that's been blowing since I got here two months ago.

The Great Green Wall of Africa

Before I came to Senegal I had never heard of the Great Green Wall.

A huge wall of trees is being 'built' - east to west across Africa spanning eleven countries in an effort to prevent the desert moving further and further south. And Senegal is leading the way.

This video is a really interesting documentary about it.

When Life Throws You Lemons ...

With all this dust, aka sand, an art form has evolved called Sand Art, where artists use this abundant natural medium.

When I visited Goree Island last week there were artists demonstrating how they create their sand pictures. If you google sand art there are some amazing pictures.

First they paint a solid shape using an adhesive.

They sprinkle different colored sands onto the adhesive.

Then tap off the excess sand to reveal their art.

These are the various colored sands they use, from all over Africa.

As I have been writing this blog the wind is blowing and howling outside and sounds like we are in the Arctic.

My feet are frozen in my dust stained socks because there is no such thing as heating in Dakar. I'm going out on the balcony now to be in the sun which has finally risen high enough to produce some heat if you can just get out of the wind.

Cheers from Dakar!

#GreatGreenWall #desertification #Senegal #Dakar #trees #Walloftrees

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