Where Slaves Died

Goree Island, just off the coast of Dakar, Senegal, is infamous for its role as the gateway to hell for the peoples of many West African countries. Countless people died on the trek to this island, on this island, on the voyage to the Americas, and in the Americas. Those that died on the trek to the coast were possibly the lucky ones.

The entry to the port where you catch the ferry to Goree Island

To get to Goree Island you buy a ticket for 5200 CFA (approx US$10) to catch the ferry for a 30 minute ride to the island. This is the entry point at the Port.

Inside the building where you wait for the ferry is a mural of the Door of No Return.

We were lucky that it was a clear day albeit with a very cold wind blowing, especially on the ferry.

Goree Island from the ferry

The ferry goes around the point on the left and lets you out on the historic side of the island. From this angle, on the ferry ride over, the historic side is on the right.

Click here for a video of the ferry pulling into Goree Island.

The Two Abou's.

Abou on the right is my regular driver who has taken me on all my explorations to date. He speaks pretty good English which makes a huge difference for me, rather than not being able to chat about the new things you are seeing. I am going to learn French!

The other Abou is 'Official Guide No. 29'. He was born and raised on Goree Island and took us on the walking tour. Not that you get a choice whether to take any other tour as there are a lot of steps and I didn't see a single car on the island.

The island is a labrynth of narrow streets between the high walls of various buildings. The next two pictures are of buildings opposite each other that were built to give the impression of being ships.