In a Lighthouse on a Breast

Waving to y’all from across the Atlantic Ocean and singing Happy Birthday to me!

I’m at Les Mamelles (the breasts, in French) Lighthouse.

This is an aerial shot Courtesy of AFK Travel

If you click on that link there are more amazing aerial photos. Not photos I can take myself.

There are two hills right on the coast close to each other, hence being named Les Mamelles, The Breasts. Although when I was online looking one page translated it as:

The Renaissance Monument is on one ‘breast’ and this Lighthouse is on the other.

The following photo show both Mamelles. Photo is from

These are my photos from now on.

That’s the beginning of the tiny road up.

If the Harmattan had not brought in all the dust the view would be forever but it’s still pretty fabulous feeling like you are sitting on top of the world, well Dakar.