In Search of Giraffes

We found them!

Where? Bandia Reserve is a 15 hectare (3,700 acre) wildlife reserve about 65kms (40 miles) drive from Dakar, Senegal.

You can shoot down the new A1 freeway or go the back way which is way more interesting.

Through market gardens

Busy villages

(Video of this is on my Instagram )

Off the black top road and into the Reserve.

We didn’t pre book, just rocked up and entry cost just under 30,000 CFA (US$60) for us to take our car (with up to 3 people in the car) as opposed to getting on the group truck, which I think was half that price. Once you get your ticket you have to line up and wait for a guide to hop into your vehicle with you. They only allow a certain number of vehicles in the park at one time.

That’s the group truck ahead of us.

We only had to wait about 20 minutes to get in and there are monkeys all around which are very entertaining to watch. They’re so cute.

The tour inside the reserve lasts for an hour and a half and you really do need the guide. It’s a maze of dirt tracks and the guides know whe