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Leaving, On a Jet Plane ...

What do you do when you get a phone call offering you a job overseas for a while?

You grab it with both hands!

That's what happened for me on Thursday, I fly out on Tuesday.

Air France plane above the clouds

Stay tuned as I will be changing my site, temporarily, to a travel blog, maybe even vlog (if I can figure out how to do that).

Destination will be revealed when I get there, probably next weekend as I will be hitting the ground running and starting work straight away.

Which means that I have to close my shop, but only until I return.

I'm so sorry if that causes anyone a problem, seeing it is leading up to Christmas and if you were planning to purchase a gift from my store, obviously that can't happen now.

If you would like to receive emails notifying you of updates on my blog/vlog, please shoot me an email HERE or a pop up may ... pop up... while you are visiting my site, with an invitation to do so.

Talk to you soon,

One excited traveler!


Trish O'Riley

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