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  • Trish

How do you prefer your purchases to be wrapped?

Do you like your purchases to arrive wrapped basically or with lots of lavish extra touches?

Are you prepared to pay for those extra touches?

I have to confess to being a pragmatist especially when it comes to wrapping gifts. I am certainly not known within my family for the artistry of that wrapping simply because I can't see the point in spending it on the wrapping that is usually thrown away the same day. I would much rather put that money into the gift. Which is not to say that I forego wrapping all together, I just keep it to the bare minimum.

Now that I have my own handmade business and my products have to be wrapped, my belief is that you too would rather not have the price include the cost of artistic or lavish wrapping, unless of course it is a gift that you are planning to have shipped directly to the recipient.

You know when you get asked 'paper or plastic' at the checkout and you feel guilty if you say plastic? I'm thinking along those lines and moving to wrapping in kraft or butchers paper to keep it recyclable.

For products where you would like some fancy packaging I'm offering gift wrapping at a small additional charge as I am making custom boxes by hand to perfectly fit each product.

Or do I have it all wrong?

I need your help!!!

I've put together a couple of questions in a survey, only three multiple choice questions so it will only take you a minute, literally.

Please let me know what sort of packaging you prefer.


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