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What are we going to get Grandma or Grandpa for Christmas this year?

Grandparents find that their skin is becoming more fragile each passing year, it needs more TLC than when they (we) were younger.

My Dad is now in his 80's and he's not really good with change.

The last time I went to visit him in Australia, I proudly presented him with a shaving soap I had made for him.

He got that tight little smile on his face, a kind of veiled dread, which really meant that he was being polite and was going to throw it in the bottom drawer in the bathroom and never use it.

Imagine my surprise and delight when he came out the next morning rubbing his hand around his face and told me with even more surprise than mine, that the soap I had made him was incredible, his face wasn't dry. I'm pretty sure he was previously using the cheapest soap he could find at the grocery store.

My face almost cracked in half from smiling. Not just that he used and appreciated my soap but also I have a long history of buying him gifts that he never uses (or likes), so this was a double win for me.

What are you getting your parents or grandparents for Christmas this year?

Ever considered soaps that they would never spend that much money on themselves cause its a luxury item, even though handmade soaps are so much better for their skin, especially as their skin gets more fragile with age?

I'm sure you have heard about how wonderful goat milk soaps are for sensitive skin?

Well have I got a deal for you.

I know, that sounds so used car salesman-ish.

But I really do! And once they fall in love with this soap because of what it does for their skin, its a lot lower price tag than other soaps I make and they may feel justified in spending that bit more than store bought soap.

I also want to show off my girl frog in her little black dress.

Isn't she hot? She thinks she is, and that's all that matters.

Introducing the Little White Bar Collection.

Just click on the SHOP button and in the drop down menu is The Little White Bar Collection or if you would like to spend a bit more on them, there are other options.

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