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  • Wax & Wood FIRE STARTERS

    Our Fire Starters are made with beeswax, coconut oil and wood shavings.


    We also use up left over wax from when we make wax melts so there will be random fragrances in the fire starters. We also include the paper towels we use to clean up the wax after making wax melts so that nothing is going into the trash.


    Each bag holds 2 large fire starters for larger outdoor fires and 3 smaller fire starters for smaller fires, indoor or outdoor.

    NOTE: You cannot use these in fireplaces with the doors closed. 


    We even tested it on our Weber and they worked perfectly.

    The smaller ones burn for 10 minutes meaning that there is no need to find kindling to help get your fire going and get the larger logs to burn.


    • Like to see our WAX MELTS

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