Travel Pack | LIMITED Green
  • Travel Pack | LIMITED Green

    I used to travel to Africa frequently for work and I flew Air France business class.

    Every flight they would give you a little bag with personal hygiene items. I never used them, but the bags were always such good quality and gorgeous design that I would take them home. 


    Not wanting to throw them out and not having any need for them, I threw them in a spare drawer.

    Well, I managed to accumulate quite a few, so in my quest for functional 'containers' for my gift sets, I thought why not upcycle these (never been used) make up bags.


    I love the idea of the 'container' used for gift sets being functional, not something you will throw out or never use.


    So what do you think?

    You get three of our products in this Travel Pack:

    • One sample size Luxury Face Mask Bar Soap, Value $4.50
    •  One guest size body soap Value $4.50 - Choose which one you would like

    and the beautiful zip up makeup bag (never been used) is $Free


    You can click on the name of each product to go to the seperate listing for details of fragrance and ingredients.


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