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Sweet Relief Hemp Bath Bombs with Lemongrass | 2.5" diameter


Lemongrass Essential OIl is one of the most popular essential oils on the market today, in fact it is my son's favorite.


Do you know all the benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil?

Apart from the great fragrance, it is a generally good all rounder for helping support your body's health.

We recommend you do your research as we are not legally allowed to tell you ! (I know, right)


Whatever you do, when you get your Sweet Relief Bath Bomb with Topical Hemp and Lemongrass, do yourself a favor and make it special. Whatever that means for you.

Pour your favorite beverage, light some candles - whatever floats your boat.

Plan to be soaking for 20 minutes minimum to give all the goodness in the bath bomb, that's now dissolved in the water, time to be absorbed into your skin.


When you get out, gently pat the moisture off your body, that is feeling totally moisturized. 

Yes, you are right, you will not need to put any moisturizer on. Just saved you a good 10 minutes.


And how is your body feeling - any aches and pains? 

I bet you they have all gone.

Thank you Lemongrass, Topical Hemp and Epsom Salts.


I would be very pleased to hear how much you love the way this bath bomb makes you feel and how you slept that night.

Shoot me an email Trish@tayori.shop


even leave a review on my website (that would be awesome!)




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Lemongrass Essential Oil


Baking soda, Citric Acid, Cream of Tartar, Epsom Salts, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Goat Milk Powder, Polysorbate 80, Industrial Hemp Extract, Tapioca Starch, Dried Cornflower petals on top


Each 4oz bath bomb contains 65 mg of pure CBD Isolate

Contains ZERO THC

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