ORGANIC HEMP OIL LIP BALM | 0.15 oz and 0.3 oz


Our Organic Hemp Oil Lip Balm has no added fragrance or flavor, it is purely natural and organic.

Taking care of your lips doesn't get any healthier.


We would like to move away from plastic as much as possible so we are now offering the paperboard tubes in the 0.3 oz size as an additional option. These hold double the amount you get in the smaller plastic tubes (0.15oz) and I find that they work very well to touch up the back of your hands when they need some moisturizing, like a mini lotion stick, if you will.



Perfectly Natural with no added fragrance or flavor.

Be aware that the Organic Hemp Seed Oil does give these an earthy aroma but it doesn't last long once it sinks in.



Organic Shea Butter, 100% Pure Natural Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Hemps Seed Oil.



While filling the paperboard tubes the pressure of not spilling a drop resulted in me spilling drops which means there are oil drip marks on the side of the container.  There is no cleaning that off because it is paper. The crazy part is that I didn't spill any when filling the plastic tubes which are cleanable. Talk about mind over matter kicking in!


I don't feel that I can charge full price for these, even though it is exactly the same product. So if you don't mind, then I'm offering them as a seperate option for a $1 less.