Organic Facial Oil Cleanser for Dry or Mature Skin | 0.3 oz
  • Organic Facial Oil Cleanser for Dry or Mature Skin | 0.3 oz

    Using oils to cleanse your skin may be a new concept to you, however, it has been used as an effective skin care practice for centuries.


    Just as the health of our gut relies on good bacteria, so too does our skin's biome. Using harsh chemicals upsets that balance and so begin skin issues.

    On the other hand oil cleansing does not upset your biome, in fact it nourishes the biome and keeps it healthy (don't forget your diet has a strong influence on your skin too, so skin care is only a part of the equation for healthy skin). 


    We have carefully selected oils that are known to be biome safe, to moisturize & rejuvenate your skin and be most beneficial to the issues of mature skin.


    We have limited stock of this product in this packaging as we have changed to a glass dropper bottle to ensure that no water gets into the bottle.



    All ingredients are organic to bring the maximum purity and benefits to your skin.

    Avocado Oil (for dry or mature skin) infused with Ashwagandha Root, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Black Seed Oil, Vitamine E, Blend of Lavender, Fr