Natural Vegan Liquid Soap - Unscented | Various sizes
  • Natural Vegan Liquid Soap - Unscented | Various sizes

    Because my Mom could not use any products with fragrance in them, I am very aware of people who have sensitive skin, hence always providing an option.

    This liquid soap has nothing added to it, just the natural pure ingredients required to make it liquid soap.


    Delighted to just get this review on our Unscented Soap


    from Amy F

    "My daughter bought me one of the liquid soaps for sensitive skin because my youngest son and I have really bad eczema on our hands. This soap has really worked wonders for both of us. It has completely repaired our skin, I don't have any cuts or split on my hands since we've been using this soap. I will definitely be buying more."



    No added fragrance, just the totally natural scent from the saponified oils.



    Water, Glycerin, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil and Salt.



    Each bottle contains 10 fl ozs of liquid gold soap or choose the 2.5 fl oz Travel size or choose one of the refill options