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Mothers Day Unique Gift

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Are you missing your Mom? She's sure probably missing you, so hopefully you're in touch with her nearly every day, checking that she's doing OK and making the time to have good conversations.


With Mothers Day coming up on Sunday May 10 it's doubtful that restrictions will be lifted to the extent that you can be with her, so to make Mothers Day a little different from every other day, send her a thoughtful gift.


I'm a rather practical person so whenever I choose a gift for a friend or a loved one, I always want it to be something that they will actually derive some benefit from and I like to find unique gifts so that they are extra special.


In our current situation we are all washing our hands way more than we used to and that can take it's toll, especially on 'mature' skin, which is typically more delicate. 


We design our soap recipes to include natural plant based oils & butters that do not strip your skin dry and leave your hands or body screaming for moisture - we also design our soaps to have a design - to be little pieces of art.


Some people like to use them as bathroom decor before eventually using them as the naturally moisturizing soaps that they actually really are.


This gift set includes 3 full sized bar soaps, one being a slice of soap cake, plus a foaming facial cleanser that our customers have raved about for years, and a tasty lip balm loaded with Shea Butter.


We are offering FREE SHIPPING for the entire month of April 2020 just sign up on the form on our HOME PAGE to get the code. With this promotion she will also get a free gift wrapped bar soap that she can pass forward as a gift to someone else.


With deliveries taking longer than usual these days, it's smarter to place Mothers Day orders sooner rather than later.

We can also put a sticker on the outside of the box saying "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL MAY 10" if you like, to preserve that special date. Do you think your Mom would wait or sneak a peak?


What's in the Box?

5 different products - 3 bar soaps, 1 Foaming Facial Cleanser, 1 lip balm

Click on each of below to see details on each item

Summer Berry Swirl Bar Soap

Milk Chocolate Swirl Bar Soap

Lavender Essential Oil Soap Cake

Citrus Vanilla Foaming Facial Cleanser

Argan Key Lime Pie Lip Balm




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