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Mothers Day Gift for Mom

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Mothers Day is sure not going to be the same this year, so step up and get her something extra special.


We've put together this Mothers Day Gift Set to spoil your Mom and yet at the same time you will be giving her a gift that is practical, a gift that she will actually use and one that she will truly appreciate.


Naturally Lavender Bath Salts with Lavender Essential Oil - for when she is feeling stressed and needs to unwind before bed and increases her chances of a good nights sleep. Moms worry about a lot of stuff, mostly to do with their family.

Did you know that sleep is ultra important support for your immune system?


Lemon Lavender Flower Bar Soap - An elegant square bar soap that is fragranced with Lavender and Lemon Essential Oils that can be used as bathroom decor for a while then as a body bar or hand soap. 


Peony Pastel Soap Cake - This can also be used as bathroom decor at first and eventually as a body bar in the shower or as a moisturizing hand soap. The fragrance is that of big fluffy peonies.


Coffee Cup Soap - This soap drops out of the cute little espresso cup and with it's deliciously real fresh brewed coffee scent is ideal as a soap beside the kitchen sink. It removes the smell of food from your fingers (eg onions) as well as being the best way to kill virus and bacterial on your hands. 


Tea Tree Hand Lotion - With all the extra hand washing we are now doing, hands start to feel dry and thirsty. This hand lotion is made with therapeutic grade Tea Tree and Frankincense Essential Oils. Both are known to be antibacterial as well as antiviral. Double down.


Rose Milk Bath Bomb - The scent is fresh cut roses and it comes with rose petals that your Mom can sprinkle on the top of the bath to create that feeling of pure indulgence. Made with organice cocoa butter and goat milk, so when she gets out of the bath there will be no need to add lotion. Give her half a chance and she will rave about how good it makes her skin feel.


Collagen Facial Smoothie - One of our best selling Skin Whisperer facial bar soaps. Loaded with natural ingredients that nourish and rejuvenate your skin. Fragranced with Lavender and Frankincense Essential Oils to add healing benefits. Frankincense is also known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties.


Luxury Face Mask Bar Soap - A 1.5 oz sample size of our all time best selling facial bar soap. Made with Tea Tree, Frankincense and Lavender Essential Oils and activated charcoal and loaded with Alaska Glacial Mineral Mud.  


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