100% Olive Oil VEGAN Soap Unscented | 4 ozs

100% Olive Oil VEGAN Soap Unscented | 4 ozs

These simply elegant square soaps are perfect for people with sensitive skin who are looking for the gentlest and mildest soap it is possible to make.


The color is naturally occurring from the ingredients and no fragrance or essential oils have been added, making this soap also ideal as well for babies’ delicate and precious skin.


Being made from 100% Olive oil, these soaps need to cure for a year and then they just get better.

These are over a year cured now.



No added fragrance or scent.



Olive Oil Pomace, Water, Organic Maple Syrup, Sodium Lactate.



Each bar weighs 4 ounces


    Due to the glycerin naturally produced in soap, it draws moisture to itself, AKA it is a humectant. This means making sure that it has the chance to dry out when not in use. Please do not leave it sitting in a puddle of water when you have finished your bath or shower.


    To get that extra mile, I have found that rubbing the soap onto a wash cloth makes it last a lot longer, which took a bit of training as I used to lather the soap directly on my skin