Lemon Pound Cake Soap | 5 ozs
  • Lemon Pound Cake Soap | 5 ozs

    These smell so good your mouth will be watering, the good thing is they have no calories. 

    Use them as decor and when you are tired of them then use them as the best moisturizing soap you've ever used before.



    A delightful and sweet concoction of lemon, sugar cookie and vanilla



    Coconut Oil, Goat Milk, Olive Oil, Fragrance, Organic Castor Oil, Kaolin Clay, Sodium Lactate, Orange Peel Powder, Fragrance, Skin safe colorants, Glitter. Glycerin Soap Lemon Slice on top: Sorbitol, Sodium Cocoate, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Water, Glycerin, Skin safe colorants.



    Each bar weighs  approximately 5 ounces

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