Have A Nice Day Bath Bomb | 2.75" diameter
  • Have A Nice Day Bath Bomb | 2.75" diameter

    We are currently out of stock of these Bath Bombs but we can make them to order and ship within 2-3 days. Just send me an email to Trish@TAYORi.shop


    What better way to bring a smile to someone's face than to give them a smiley gift?


    Do you have a friend that needs some cheering up, or someone you want to make giggle?

    Send them one of our Have A Nice Day bath bombs. The bath bomb smells like yummy marshmallow and they will too when they get out of the tub.


    On a more practical note:

    When you can achieve two things with one action, I think that is a win in this age of never having enough time, don't you?


    That is why we use organic cocoa butter in all our bath bombs.


    Laying in a bath will relax you, so why not enjoy the moisturizing properties of cocoa butter and goat milk during that soaking process so that you don't have to moisturize when you get out?