Our Skin Whisperer© Collection is a collection of quality handmade soaps that have been designed with a specific intent to benefit your skin.

Each one brings something special and effective to your skincare regimen.​


We pride ourselves on visual design, bringing little pieces of functional art to your space, however our overarching credo is to enhance your life.

To that end our products are made with plant based oils and natural additives.


With this collection we have not focused on the visual design.

Instead all our energy has gone into the thoughtful and much researched design of the ingredients to give you a natural alternative to take care of your skin.​


To find a soap that speaks to your skin (aka skin whispering), explore the full Skin Whisperer© Collection HERE.



The fragrance in this handmade bar soap is a duplicate (dupe) of Irish Spring. One of the all time favorites of most men. 


You will notice that we have a range of soaps that come in glossy white or recycled kraft boxes. These are our staple lines, where as those that do not come in boxes are our limited edition lines. Just to let you know.


This is a luxurious shaving soap as well as a soap that is just wonderful as a facial bar.

The star ingredients are Spirulina and French Green Clay, which are the natural ingredients which give the soap its green color.



Fresh and clean with notes of citrus zest, jasmine, lily and musk. Compare to Irish Spring® by Colgate.



Each bar weighs 4.5 ounces.



How to use: Start with a small amount of water and keep adding to get the desired consistency you prefer for shaving. 


Can also be used as a facial bar. Best results being achieved by spending a little extra time massaging it into your face so the ingredients have time to do their thing.


You can choose the type of packaging you prefer: Glossy White Spa type box or Recycled Kraft Box.



Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Water, Sustainable Palm Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  Buttermilk, Fragrance, Castor Oil, French Green Clay, Organic Shea Butter, Spirulina Powder, Sodium Lactate, Tussah Silk.

French Clay Springs Shaving Bar Soap | 4.5 oz

Type of packaging
  • Due to the glycerin naturally produced in soap, it draws moisture to itself, AKA it is a humectant. This means making sure that it has the chance to dry out when not in use. Please do not leave it sitting in a puddle of water when you have finished your bath or shower.


    To get that extra mile, I have found that rubbing the soap onto a wash cloth makes it last a lot longer, which took a bit of training as I used to lather the soap directly on my skin