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Dry Shampoo Spray | 4 ozs

Dry Shampoo Spray | 4 ozs

Have you read the ingredients on store bought Dry Shampoo Sprays?

If you have you would probably stop using it.


I've never used dry shampoo before but I was asked for it (that's how my product range has increased, people ask for things). 


OH MY!!!! What a difference it makes.


I only need to wash my hair twice a week now, but on that 4th day it is really pushing it.

Enter our new Dry Shampoo Spray. 

Now I can go a whole week without washing my hair and without my hair looking like it needs to be washed.

It's just amazing. 

And look at the ingredients, none of those nasty chemicals that are a real health hazard.



Blend of Lavender & Peppermint Essential Oils.



Distilled Water, 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, Calcium Carbonate, Lavender Essential Oil, Biotin Extract, Silk Peptide, Peppermint Essential Oil.



Net wt: 4 ozs

Expected to ship within 5 business days of receiving your order
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