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All Natural Mosquito Spray | 1 oz
  • All Natural Mosquito Spray | 1 oz

    Do you love spending time outdoors, in your garden, on your patio, hiking?

    And the only thing that mars that experience is when the mosquitoes attack you?


    When I lived in Houston I spent most of my time out in my back yard, pottering around, gardening and planning my garden and sitting on my back patio.

    But OMG, the mosquitoes!


    I tried everything, citronella candles, those mosquito coils, electric mosquito zappers, the home made plastic bottle trap, absolutely everything. I even gave in and bought some icky chemical sprays that are effective I know, but the whole time they were on my skin, I was thinking "what are they doing to me when they get into my system?" And I'd rush inside and shower them all off.


    Eventually, the most effective thing I found was this All Natural Mosquito Spray that I made.

    Basically it is just a body perfume spray made of :

    Organic MCT Oil and

    a Blend of Lavender & Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oils

    And it's actually good for your skin, so nothing to worry about going into your system.


    I'm only making these in 1 oz bottles so you can try it out and then, it is so simple to make that really you can make it easily for yourself, but if you really don't want to make it up yourself, then email me and I can make any size you would like.


    The other nice thing about this size is that it fits easily in your purse if you are going to be visiting a  friend's patio or going to an outdoor event.


    Here's to enjoying those warm evenings out on your patio!



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