Hand Sanitizer

Yesterday I received an email that a major soap making supplier who manufactures hand sanitizer was out of stock and had just started 24 hour production of that product to try to meet demand.

This morning I had a conversation with a friend about the fact that it's almost impossible to find hand sanitizer in stores due to the fear of Coronavirus.

I felt a sense of panic welling up inside me.

Should I go to the grocery store today as planned? But I have to, I've run ot of food!

My friend suggested that I make hand sanitizer to sell but I don't ever want to be one of those people who tries to make money out of a calamity.

However, being an expert on soap, I feel I have a moral obligation to do something to help. 

Even the FDA acknowledges that the best way to clean your hands is to use soap and water, but there are often times when you don't have access to water, which is when hand sanitizer is the solution.

How to Make 

Natural Hand Sanitizer

If you Google "How to make hand sanitizer" you will find a whole bunch of sites with recipes so I'm not not going to give you an actual recipe, however, like any Google search result, you want to go to a site where the person knows what they are talking about, not just someone hopping on the band wagon who has no prior  experience in what they are telling you.

I recommend this recipe by Wellness Mama, because it includes a version which is safe for kids and because it has been medically reviewed by a doctor


Nearly every site I looked at with hand sanitizer recipes uses Tea Tree Essential Oil and Aloe Vera Gel - these two ingredients are going to get scarce pretty soon.










Sadly, it is Coronavirus that is bringing a huge boost to the value of Essential Oils


But you MUST learn how to use Essential Oils safely


and in trying to protect

your family,

you don't want to

inadvertently or accidentally

cause other problems for them

I watched one YouTube where a young girl showed how to make hand sanitizer and she said to use as much of one particular Essential Oil as you want. NO! NO! NO!

There are safe limits for Essential Oil use and it is different for each Essential Oil, so you need to know what those dilution rates are before you go blindly adding Essential Oils to your recipe.

More is not better, more is dangerous.

Dr Axe is a well known

Essential Oil expert

and back in 2016

he posted this article

The Top 4 Antibacterial

Essential Oils



Essential Oils have been around

for thousands of years,

so nothing has changed other

than our awareness of them

The 4 Essential Oils that he recommends are all

particularly strong

and will burn your skin if you

go over the safe dilution rates

Yes you must dilute

all Essential oils 

at the safe level


I believe passionately in the benefits of using Essential Oils but I know that they can also cause you harm if applied at too high an amount, whether it is the 4 mentioned above or any other Essential Oil.

If you are going to use one of the 4 recommended by Dr Axe

in your hand sanitizer recipe

then here are

the recommended usage rates

for lotions for adults.

Lotions are a 'leave on' product just like hand sanitizer

You need to measure these accurately which may mean you need to buy a new scale that measures very small weights in grams.

You can pick one up on Amazon

for under $15

just search for 'gram scale'

Tea Tree Essential Oil

3% that means no more than 0.85 grams per ounce of your recipe

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

0.5% that means no more than 0.14 grams per ounce of your recipe

White Thyme Essential Oil

1% that means no more than 0.28 grams per ounce of your recipe

Oregano Essential Oil

This essential oil is not listed on the site I use and trust so I can't advise

but another good one is 

Peppermint Essential Oil

3% that means no more than 0.85 grams per ounce of your recipe

Many essential oils are antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal,

but please be aware that there are some essential oils

that are phototoxic

(like Lemon Essential Oil)

so while it smells wonderfully fresh and clean, if you use it 

in a leave on product

and then go out

in the sunlight, 

it can cause serious burns.

Unless you are an essential oil expert

it's better to just stay clear

of those ones

for a hand sanitizer.


Did you notice that the above usage rates are for adults only?

Children are more sensitive and therefore the maximum is much lower, so stick to the recipe above by Wellness Mama.

The Essential Oil blend that she uses is linked in her recipe, to where you can buy it. 


Of course this is not as easy or convenient as just being able to buy the complete product, but when you are facing out of stock situations everywhere, which may not improve for some months at least, then it's time to roll up your sleeves and get it done. 

Perhaps if you have retired family members who have a bit more spare time, you could beg them to go into production for the sake of the family! Grandma or Grandpa to the rescue?

As soon as you get back home use good old fashioned soap and water to wash your hands because that is THE most effective way to clean your hands.

And washing your

hands properly means

more than 2 seconds and run.

Rub the soap lather over your hands for the time it takes

for you to sing

"Happy birthday to me" TWICE,

making sure you are getting in between each finger too. 

With all this extra hand washing you are going to need to use extra moisturizer/lotion so why not add an Essential Oil to that too, get it working for you.

If your moisturizer/lotion already has essential oils in it, then don't add any more.

This applies only to lotions that do not have any essential oils in them already.


Empty your lotion into a container and weigh out how much is there, it doesn't matter if there is a bit left in the container, but get out as much as you can. Leaving it tipped upside down overnight will get the maximum amount out.

Then whatever weight that is multiply by the percentage usage rate of the essential oil you choose, as shown above.

For 3% multiply by .03

For 0.5% multiply by .005

For 1% multiply by .01

Using a whisk, thoroughly mix in the Essential Oil,

and then whisk some more,

just to make sure you have it

evenly blended.

All you have to do now is put your new lotion back in it's original container (which might be a challenge) or find a container that has a bigger opening making it easier to fill.

As a further preventative measure, use that lotion on your hands before you go to public places.

Avoid public restrooms if possible. 

If you have any questions you can Send An Email and I will do my best to provide you with an answer.