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Rainbows & Lemongrass VEGAN Bath Bombs
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Dana L

I was looking for a Birthday gift that was unique. The gift was the Complete Set of Skin Whisperer Soap Collection with 10 bars. I sent this to my daughter and she said it smelled amazing when she first opened and she loved the presentation of the bars in the box and was looking forward to using the soap bars. I really appreciate the personal service and care in sending the gift. Thank you!

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Kendal B

I love TAYORi products! All of the soaps smell amazing and are adorable as well. They make my skin feel soft and smell good! What I really love is the charcoal and clay face mask. It cleared up my skin like nothing ever has, I really feel like it pulls everything out of your pores. Can’t wait to try more products!!

5 gold stars

 Albuquerque, NM, United States


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